Model Train Sets up for sale in Australia

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just stepping foot into this hobby, our model train set selection is one that can provide you with everything needed to move forward with your pursuit. With starter sets, moving forward into the popular culture of Thomas The Tank Engine, our extensive range will feed any of your burning desires when it comes to your model train collection. At Metro Hobbies, we have made it our goal over the past 35 years to provide Australia with the very best for any of their hobbies. This includes our vast collection of model trains, with only premier brands such as Hornby, Auscision and Kato to ensure quality of product.

Our Hornby Model Train Sets for Sale

A household name with the eye-catching red lined box, Hornby is one of our leading manufacturers that we feature in our Model Train selection. Our full catalogue contains a variety of products that are made by the popular brand including controllers, rails, connections, station models, signals, tunnels, accessories and of course, an extensive range of trains and carriages. 

Get in touch today

To find out more about our full range of model train sets that we have, contact our team today. With over 35 years within the industry, they have retained valuable knowledge on model trains and sets that can help any collector. In order to discuss our range, call us on (03) 9890 1144, or send through your queries to Check out our other range of model brands including Airfix and Revell products.

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