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Metro Hobbies has a great range of educational toys to spark young imaginations, including Lego, Meccano Australia, Nanoblock, science kits, and more. Our toys inspire creative and inventive play that not only deliver fun time at playtime, but also develop the problem solving skills and hands-on learning.

Nothing is more popular with children than Lego toys right now, and we’ve got several different series, including Lego Junior, Chima, Lego Movie, Lego City, Lego Architecture, accessories, and much more. Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart yourself, you’ll be impressed with the scope of our Lego line.

Use our search tool or come by either of our store locations in the CBD or Box Hill to talk to our friendly staff about which toy range might be best for your children. We have toys that are ideal for different types of developmental needs, as well.

Value of Educational Toys
Toys are an essential learning tool for children of all ages, from infants to school-aged children. It promotes the stimulation of their senses, builds motor skills, teaches complex problem solving and promotes social interaction.

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To help you find the toy or gift that you’re searching for, we’ve broken down our inventory into categories, such as jigsaw puzzles, model kits, or stocking stuffers, as well as major brands, including Hasbro, Mattel and Lego. Use the search tools on the left-hand side to help narrow your search.
To further help you find the right toy at the right price, we’ve also included a breakdown of price for our entire inventory.

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