Model Trains

Model Trains

Providing Australia’s favourite model trains

Enthusiasts will love our selection of model trains at Metro Hobbies. Create an individualistic piece of railway within your own home, and bring your favourite interest to life. From old fashioned steam rail to today’s electric wonders, we have it all and more. At Metro Hobbies, we have sourced the best brands of model trains available throughout the world to supply them to our customers, including the well-known PecoBachmann, Hornby, Kato and Auscision.

Our extensive range would ensure that you have everything you need to create your new railway scene, including railway tracks of all natures, trains, locomotives, controllers, connecting clips, ballast, foliage, figurines, parts & accessories! You can create the full world you envisioned without leaving our store. We know the need for uality materials to be provided with any model train sets, and with our affordable price tags, no quality is compromised.

We also have a number of books, that pertain to the skills and tips surrounding model train work, and this will allow you to gain more knowledge within your favourite hobby.

Find out more today 

In order to make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for within our full online catalogue, contact our team today. We have expert staff that are fully equipped to answer all of your model train questions, and provide tips on brands or help you to find the solution to any of your railway problems.

You can call us on (03) 9890 1144, or alternatively email us on We have a number of Melbourne based stores, with full online ranges of not only model train kits, but full train sets, car kits, plane kits and more.

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