Take to the Waves with Our Range of Remote Control Boats for Sale

Metro Hobbies is the king of the seas when it comes to providing Australian enthusiasts with everything they need to keep their hobbies afloat. For over 35 years we have provided the people of Melbourne and now Australia with state of the art products ranging from paint to slot car sets and now even drones. Coming into one of metro Hobbies’ Melbourne stores is like entering into a world of fun and enjoyment in a way that has eluded the digital age. We have an awesome selection of hobby products for the world’s most renowned brands such as the popular Proboat. We’re sure that when you take a look at our collection, either in-store or online, you are bound to find something to quench your hobbyist thirst.

We have an extensive collection of remote control boats. Ranging from sailing to electric and even military patrol boats, you will find the perfect product for your sailing pleasure and will be happy that you chose Metro Hobbies when you buy your very own RC boat.

For beginners to experienced sailors

Whether you’re on mail buoy watch or are a master of the seas, you are sure to find an RC boat to suit any level of experience with these awesome pieces of technology. Feel free to browse our collection of products and get in touch with the experts at Metro Hobbies if you need any help finding the right rig for you, captain.

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